Suzanne Ion

Suzanne Ion

Get to Know Suzanne

Current City:
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

6th generation Hawaiian born

What races/triathlons/marathons you have participated in?
After 'cheering' others on the sidelines for many years, I finally took the leap and began competing in road and trail races! I have completed many 5k's, 10k's, 12 marathons, 3 full Marathons (Maui, Big Sur & a top 20 overall finish at Lake Tahoe), plus 3 alpine climbs (Mount Hood, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker).

How long have you been an instructor?
I taught my first cycle class after falling in love with the intense workouts at the Jungle Club-Vero Beach (2009). I am certified by ACE, AAFA, and three-star Mad Dogg Spinning instructor. I have benefited from the inspiration of some awesome coaches, and look to give back the gift of fitness I have been given.

What makes you a good cycling instructor?
I am a proud fitness ambassador, who strives every day to live by the motto “Someday I will not be able to do this...TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!”

Why do you love indoor cycle?
My favorite thing about being on the bike is that ability to let it all go, feel the music, let it lay down the challenge that is mine to accept.  The best is that feeling like, “I don't have another climb in me,” or “I don't have another sprint,” but then the music, the energy of the group and then that inner drive kicks in! PURE FITNESS GOLD!

What type of ride can participants expect in your class?
Like tempo runs, interval training on a bike can boost endurance, build speed and burn fat. My class emphasizes tempo, timing and rhythm. Alternating between high & low aerobic intensities at a “comfortably hard” pace can have the added benefit of improving the body’s lactate threshold.

What is your favorite type of music?
My music is all over the place - that's the awesome thing about a true interval workout -in my class it's real music, real songs - old school rock, a little dip into current pop and hip hop/ rap, a little dip into country and bluegrass (you won't believe the sprints you can do to bluegrass, until you try!), maybe even a little instrumental and symphony - we get in touch with our inner spirit and RIDE!

Favorite Food?
My favorite food group is cheese - I love rice and beans – I could eat them every day!  I also enjoy poke which is the Hawaiian word for “to cut small,” as in fresh sushi fish (in Palm Beach Gardens, order it at YardHouse - you won't be sorry).

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