Nora Minichino

Nora Minichino

Get to Know Nora

Current City:
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Point Pleasant, NJ

What races/triathlons/marathons you have participated in?
I have completed three sprint triathlons and a number of local 5k races.

How long have you been an instructor?
While I have been a devout indoor cycling enthusiast for many years, I finally decided to take the leap and become a Mad Dogg certified instructor in March 2015 (after being encouraged by my mentor, and fellow Krank-er, Jen Davis. I was certified by none other than Master Spinning Instructor/Krank-er, Donna Minotti).

What makes you a good cycling instructor?
I try to bring levity, humor, and an all-inclusive, positive attitude to each class, while challenging riders to work hard and achieve results.  I also have a passion for people, music and working up a good sweat!  

Why do you love indoor cycle?
When I started cycling, I was the girl who refused to sit anywhere but the back of the class because I did not think I was capable of going fast enough during sprints or climbing heavy enough during hills.  Overtime, I learned cycling is not about a competition between riders, but between who you were yesterday and who you want to be tomorrow.  While this type of workout is certainly considered “group fitness” -- and having others around to encourage you is awesome motivation -- each ride is your own and is what you make of it. Cycling has always provided me with the satisfaction of reaching my goals – such as weight loss goals, mileage goals, or just plain old get-out-of-bed-and-do-something-with-yourself goals!

What type of ride can participants expect in your class?
My favorite type of ride is an up-tempo climb. I like to keep riders' heart rates up while they are using their legs to drive them up the hill/mountain.

What is your favorite type of music?
Born and raised in the Garden State, I am a true Jersey Girl.  Therefore, you can always expect some EDM and dance music with a little Bruce thrown in there.  But I also lived in Nashville for a few years, so I have been known to play some classic and alternative rock, as well as a little country every now and then. 

Favorite Food?
Definitely wine.  Oh, wait…is wine not considered actual food?  Well in that case, I will go with ice cream…with sprinkles!

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