Michelle Hennigan

Michelle Hennigan

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Current City:
North Palm Beach, FL

Cape Cod, MA

What races/triathlons/marathons you have participated in?
I have participated in many different 5K races around Palm Beach County, also several 100 minute century cycling rides.

How long have you been an instructor?
I have been an instructor since 2011.

What makes you a good cycling instructor?
My passion for indoor cycling came right after I took my first class at KrankIt, and I immediately became hooked. I am full of energy and I love to get the class pumped up with loud upbeat music and a challenging ride.

Why do you love indoor cycle?
I love indoor cycling as it is a great calorie burn and it's also fun. I always feel amazing after a spin class.

What type of ride can participants expect in your class?
I like to include a mix of flats, heavy climbs, Tabatas, intervals ( mostly climbs) incorporated with loud motivating music. Riders can expect a challenging yet run ride !

What is your favorite type of music?
I love 80's and 90's and yes I occasionally I sing!

Favorite Food?

KrankIt's Michelle Hennigan
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